The Center for Prevention of Progression is the first-of-its-kind clinic for patients with precursor conditions of hematologic malignancies. Building on Dana-Farber’s past and ongoing research efforts of precursor conditions, the clinic evaluates individuals diagnosed with these conditions or at high risk for disease development, and works with patients to manage their risk of disease progression. In the Center for Prevention of Progression, we strive to detect blood cancer precursor conditions and intervene early to prevent blood cancers from developing. Click here to find out more.

Under the auspices of the EU Accelerator Programme:

AIRC contributes to the progress of oncology by promoting young talents, supporting the most innovative research projects and investing in cutting-edge technologies. It is also committed every day to disseminating scientific information through its channels and external media.
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We are a non-profit organization made up of patients, family members, volunteers, collaborators and professionals. We develop our activity throughout Spain. Our purpose is to alleviate and avoid, to the extent possible, suffering in people caused by cancer, regardless of their place of residence and their personal circumstances. We lead the effort of Spanish society to reduce the impact caused by cancer and improve people’s lives. Click here to find out more.

Cancer Research UK is the world’s leading cancer charity dedicated to saving lives through research, influence and information. We support research into all aspects of cancer through the work of over 4,000 scientists, doctors and nurses. This pioneering work into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer has helped save millions of lives. We fund scientists, doctors and nurses to work towards prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Funding supports something as big as a new research centre down to the small glass slides that are used to analyse cancer cells. Click here to find out more.

Media Partner

We are pleased to have the Video Journal of Hematological Oncology (VJHemOnc) be our official media partner, providing on-demand coverage that can be viewed in the Meeting Highlights tab.

VJHemOnc is a global, open-access video journal, dedicated to providing trusted and up-to-date independent medical information in order to improve the awareness of advances in the management of hematological cancers and share best practice within the HemOnc community.

The goal of the journal is to expedite learning through the sharing of new data and expert opinion, and to rapidly disseminate the latest news and information to healthcare professionals, worldwide, on a range of innovative digital media – including video and blog formats.

VJHemOnc content is led by an editorial board of highly respected thought leaders with a combined expertise that spans the spectrum of hematological cancers. All content is created and published under the guidance of this board of world-leading experts.

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