The IBC 2025 Meeting will feature three key topic tracks:

  1. CLL/MBL/Lymphoma
  2. Multiple Myeloma/SMM/MGUS

The 2025 agenda will be available shortly.

2024 agenda

*All times are in WET


Thu 14

2:00PM -2:10PM

Welcome & introduction: Irene Ghobrial & Jesús San-Miguel

2:10PM -2:40PM

Keynote lecture #1: The best cancer is the cancer that never happens: Philip Castle

2:40PM -4:00PM

Plenary session #1: Early detection and screening – should we screen everyone or people at risk, germline risks?
Chairs: George Vassiliou & Jessica Okosun

  • Origin of the precursor state in MM: Nikhil Munshi
  • Germline predisposition in CLL: Susan Slager
  • Germline predisposition to CH: Lucy Godley
  • Genomic evolution from MGUS to MM: Francesco Maura

Panel discussion: Who should be screened for blood cancer precursors? Population research strategies

4:00PM -4:30PM


4:30PM -5:40PM

Breakout Sessions #1

Multiple Myeloma/SMM/MGUS track
Chairs: Shaji Kumar & Felipe Prósper

  • The iSTOPMM study – screening for MGUS: Sigurður Kristinsson
  • Genetic susceptibility along the continuum from MGUS to MM: Celine Vachon
  • The PROMISE study and other screening efforts so far: Elizabeth O’Donnell

Panel discussion: Designing early detection studies in MM

Chairs: George Vassiliou & Sanam Loghavi

  • The evolution of clonal hematopoiesis to AML: Caroline Watson
  • CH in stem cell transplant recipients: Coleman Lindsley
  • Clonal selection of hematopoietic stem cells after transplantation: Michael Spencer Chapman
  • The impact of chemotherapy on normal hematopoiesis: Emily Mitchell
  • CHIP mutations in pre-leukemia vs. frank AML with focus on DNMT3A: Ravi Majeti

Panel discussion

Lymphoma/CLL track
Chairs: Tait Shanafelt & Julia Almeida

Role of MBL in the etiology of CLL

  • Identification of specific genetic drivers of CLL long before diagnosis: Anton Langerak
  • Charting the breeding ground of CLL: Hendrik Veelken


  • Genomic and transcriptomic characterization of MBL/CLL at the single cell level: Giovanni Tonon

Biology of precursor CLL and FL conditions

  • Lymphoid clonal hematopoiesis and its relationship to monoclonal B-cell lymphocytosis: Aswin Sekar

Panel discussion

6:15PM -8:30PM

Welcome reception


Fri 15

8:00AM -8:05AM

Overview of Day 2

8:05AM -8:35AM

Keynote lecture #2: Global surveillance of carcinogen exposures using somatic mutations: Michael Stratton

8:35AM -9:45AM

Plenary session #2: Risk stratification and biomarkers – tumor, immune, non-immune marker, clinical (Part 1)
Chairs: Kelly Boulton & Bruno Paiva 

  • Genomic evolution in MM: Rafael Fonseca
  • Can we envisage immune biomarkers as tools for predicting risk of premalignant to malignant indolent lymphoma transition?: Stephen Ansell
  • Utility of NGS to differentiate MN from other cytopenic conditions: Catherine Cargo
  • Immune regulation in disease progression from MGUS to MM: Irene Ghobrial

Panel discussion: Defining what is a precancerous condition in blood cancers

9:45AM -10:15AM


10:15AM -11:25AM

Plenary session #3: Risk stratification and biomarkers – tumor, immune, non-immune marker, clinical biomarkers (Part 2)
Chairs: Rafael Fonseca & Lucy Godley

  • Minimally invasive tumor and immune-based stratification: Bruno Paiva
  • Genetic ancestry and CH: George Vassiliou
  • Mechanisms of disease progression from MBL to CLL: Paolo Ghia

Panel discussion: What is the risk of blood cancer precursors? Clinical tools for risk stratification

11:25AM -11:35AM

Technical break

11:35AM -1:05PM

Breakout sessions #2

Multiple Myeloma/SMM/MGUS track
Chairs: Nikhil Munshi & Kwee Yong

  • Risk stratifying MGUS: Rafael Fonseca
  • The evolution of risk stratification in smoldering myeloma: Shaji Kumar
  • Circulating tumor cells and other novel biomarkers to be added to the current models: Romanos Sklavenitis-Pistofidis
  • Biomarkers and imaging in precursor myeloma: Elena Zamagni
  • Can epigenetics help us to understand the transition from MGUS to MM: Felipe Prósper

Panel discussion: Novel risk stratification

Chairs: Uma Borate

  • Clonal Hematopoiesis in telomere and inflammatory disorders (CH in VEXAS syndrome): Mrinal Patnaik
  • Prediction models in CH: Muxin Gu
  • The role of TCL1A in promoting clonal hematopoietic disorders: Siddhartha Jaiswal
  • Deconvoluting clonal and cellular architecture in IDH-mutant myeloid neoplasms: Iannis Aifantis

CH in specific contexts

  • MN risk in sickle cell disease and other hereditary hemolytic anemias: Lachelle Weeks

Panel discussion

CLL/MBL/Lymphoma track
Chairs: Paolo Ghia & Jessica Okosun

  • Tracing founder mutations/translocations – Should we be screening for lymphomas?: Sandrine Roulland
  • Modelling early FL biology in murine models: Dinis Calado
  • Bellinzona – ctDNA as a biomarker for predicting progression/screening in lymphoma: Davide Rossi

Lymphoma – biology of indolent to aggressive lymphomas

  • FL to transformed FL – can we predict?: Jessica Okosun
  • Other indolent entities (MZL) to DLBCL – what can we learn?: Silvia Beà
  • Indolent to aggressive – progression of CLL to Richter transformation: Erin Parry

Panel discussion

1:05PM -2:05PM


2:05PM -2:35PM

Keynote lecture #3: Interception – endpoints of trials, trial design, which patient population, diverse populations
Chairs: Matthew Davids & Elizabeth O’Donnell

FDA – endpoints and trial designs in precursor conditions: Nicole Gormley

2:35PM -4:25PM

Plenary session #4: Interception – endpoint of trials, which patient population, diverse populations (Part 1)
Chairs: Nikhil Munshi & Susan Slager

  • The future of clinical trials and endpoints in early interception of myeloma: Kenneth Anderson
  • Early intervention in SMM: Elizabeth O’Donnell
  • Novel immune-therapeutics in SMM: Omar Nadeem
  • Tools to predict early progression/clonal evolution to identify patients with B-cell malignancies for early intervention: Anna Schuh
  • Early intervention approaches in CLL: Matthew Davids
  • PIMMS study (decentralized trial of ivosidenib in CCUS): Kelly Bolton
  • The utility of longitudinal clinical follow up in CHIP clinics – a 2024 update: Eric Padron

Panel discussion: Patient population considerations for blood cancer precursors and clinical trial design

4:25PM -4:45PM


4:45PM -6:05PM

Breakout sessions #3

Multiple Myeloma/SMM/MGUS track
Chairs: Jesús San-Miguel & Elena Zamagni

  • Non-drug approaches to intervention: Urvi Shah
  • Characterizing risk and biology of SMM for early detection and intervention: Kwee Yong
  • Prevention studies in MGUS and SMM: Catherine Marinac
  • Endpoints for interception trials: Nikhil Munshi
  • What is the ideal time to intervene in smoldering myeloma?: Shaji Kumar
  • Therapy-related CH and multiple myeloma therapies: Adam Sperling

Panel discussion

Chairs: George Vassiliou & Eric Padron

  • Decitabine/cedazuridine in high-risk CCUS: Maximilian Stahl
  • Therapeutic vulnerabilities in CH: Siddhartha Kar
  • Trials in CH – challenges and opportunities: Uma Borate
  • Racial differences in outcomes from CH in multiple myeloma patients: Lachelle Weeks
  • Updates on oral vitamin C for myeloid cancer patients: Kirsten Grønbæk

Panel discussion

CLL/MBL/Lymphoma track
Chairs: Sandrine Roulland & Anna Schuh

  • MBL: Andrew Rawstron
  • Early intervention in high-risk, asymptomatic CLL with acalabrutinib: Sameer Parikh
  • PreVent-ACaLL trial and an overview of using machine-learning algorithms to assess risk of infection in CLL: Carsten Niemann
  • CLL NeoVax trial update: Marwan Kwok & Inhye Ahn

Panel discussion

7:00PM -9:30PM

Faculty dinner


Sat 16

9:00AM -9:05AM

Overview of Day 3

9:05AM -9:50AM

Keynote session #4
Chairs: Irene Ghobrial & Uma Borate

  • Vision of early interception, and barriers & opportunities for a cure: María-Victoria Mateos
  • New approaches to tackling diversity challenges: Lachelle Weeks
  • Early detection for high-risk cancer patients in Africa: Anna Schuh

Panel discussion

9:50AM -10:50AM

Plenary session #5: Workshop outcomes and initiatives – key outcomes and action item breakout sessions
Chairs: Julia Almeida & Rafael Fonseca

  • Multiple Myeloma/SMM/MGUS: Shaji Kumar & Irene Ghobrial
  • MDS/CHIP/AML/CCUS: George Vassiliou & Lachelle Weeks
  • CLL/MBL/Lymphoma: Matthew Davids & Jessica Okosun

Panel discussion

10:50AM -11:10AM


11:10AM -12:40PM

Plenary session #6: Stakeholder panel discussion
Chairs: Kenneth Anderson

Panellists: Jennifer Ahlstrom, Julia Colchie, Nicole Gormley, David Read, Karen Rodriguez Lorenc, Jeremy Ross, Craig Tendler, Helgi Van De Velde, Jeffrey Venstrom, Michael Yaffe

12:40PM -12:45PM

Summary and conclusion